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Since 2002, Berry Creative has worked with small, mid-size, and large companies to develop targeted, effective communications strategies. With experience in strategic planning, project management, public relations, and copy writing, I can help you stretch your communications budget with fresh ideas that work.
I’m Peg Berry, otherwise known as Berry Creative. I have more than 20 years’ agency and client-side experience in advertising, marketing, public & investor relations, strategic planning, and copy writing - in the fields of technology, finance, healthcare, medical/life sciences, lifestyle, arts & crafts, and more - in both consumer and b-to-b.

I specialize in carefully planning - and doing the research needed to identify what’s going to work best for your targets - and then developing fresh, creative ideas to effectively execute your strategy while making the best use of your budget.

Need strategic planning? I can do that.

Need some creative thinking? Check.

Just need a writer? Yep, got that covered too.

My marketing experience helps me understand your “big picture” needs, while getting the job done - from concept to completion - within your “small budget” reality.

Web Site Copy
Art-C Web Site Art-C (Mixed Media Products)
Amgraph Web Site Amgraph Packaging
Yarde Zone Web Site YardeZone (Management Consulting)
MotorLease Web Site Motorlease (Automobile Fleet Leasing)


InterScape Brochure InterScape Brochure: InterScape designs interior work spaces.
Amgraph Corporate Folder Amgraph Packaging Brochure: (printer’s pdf so some of the copy is upside down).
Amgraph Butterfly Mailer Amgraph Butterfly Direct Mail: This unique and attention-getting direct mail piece featured a paper butterfly that “flew” out of the card when opened. The sustainability message was printed on “seeded” paper that when planted, grew into wildflowers.
McCue Mortgage Countrywide Welcome Brochure McCue Mortgage Countrywide Customer Welcome Brochure: Written for McCue Mortgage and sent to new loan servicing customers (previously customers of Countrywide Mortgage).
280 Trumbull Brochure 280 Trumbull Brochure: Written for client Colliers Dow & Condon.
Vantis Life V8 Brochure Vantis Life Brochure: Written for Vantis Life targeting client banks and their internal producers, this brochure incorporates the client’s “V-8 Engine” marketing theme.
Pearl Sea Cruises Brochure Pearl Sea Cruises Brochure: Written for Pearl Sea Cruises.


SS&C Great Analysis Ad
SS&C Great Analysis Ad SS&C Show Me Ad

ZMedica Battlefield Ad ZMedica Dont Waste A Drop Ad ZMedica When Every Second Counts Ad

Amgraph Corp Lighthouse Ad Amgraph Corp Butterfly Ad Amgraph Corp World Ad

Polylock Ad McCue No Place Like Home Ad ITW PFFC Ad

White Papers

Amgraph White Paper Amgraph Sustainablity White Paper: A white paper I wrote for Amgraph Packaging detailing Amgraph’s position on the Wal-Mart sustainability initiative, and how companies can adjust to evolving standards and requirements.
UTMB White Paper UTMB Galveston White Paper: My client, Pentax Medical, asked me to write a press release about this new medical facility for GI cancer screening and treatment at the University of Texas at Galveston. During my interviews with the doctors, I was moved by their statements that they could not do the work they do without the one-of-a-kind eqipment supplied by Pentax Medical. I suggested also writing this white paper.
Unisys White Paper Unisys Branch Renewal White Paper: A white paper written for technology giant Unisys - following a period of intense merger and acquisition activity, this white paper explains how Unisys can help banks consolidate and improve branch services and communications, while increasing return.
XAware White Paper XAware ACORD Life White Paper- A white paper demonstrating how life insurance companies can use XAware’s XML technology to comply with emerging ACORD standards.


McCue Mortgage Newsletter “The Front Porch,” Winter 2010
McCue Mortgage Newsletter “The Front Porch,” Spring 2010
Motorlease: Put the Brakes on Car Theft
Motorlease: Road Rage and Aggressive Driving
Motorlease: Texting While Driving
Motorlease: What to Do in an Accident


Acquisition Communications
Prior to beginning my freelance career, I was Director of Investor Relations at SS&C Technologies; there I oversaw communications associated with the acquisition of ten companies in a six-year period. The ability to communicate effectively to all parties involved in an acquisition ensures a smoother transition and customer and employee retention.

When Pentax Medical Company acquired Kay Elemetrics – a long-time privately held Company, I helped develop four separate communications kits targeting each Company’s employees, and each Company’s clients. Employees were concerned about changes to Company culture, benefits, and job security, while clients needed to be assured of consistency in customer support, product development, and costs. The kits addressed targets’ concerns while demonstrating how the synergies of each Company’s research and development teams would help the combined organization be more competitive and maintain its technology advantage. [Samples include a few elements from communications kits.]

KayPentax Acquisition Business Overview
KayPentax Acquisition Pentax Background Sheet
KayPentax Acquisition Kay Background Sheet

Email Marketing
I have helped many of my clients develop and execute successful email marketing and social networking campaigns. From developing content, to working with external providers (such as Constant Contact or iContact), or internal resources, I can help you develop a strategy and execute your plan.

Amgraph Packaging, Inc
Avid Marketing Group
The C-Thru Ruler Company/Art-C/Little Yellow Bicycle
Four Paws Only, LLC
Hobson Associates
Loureiro Engineering
The McCue Mortgage Company
The Motorlease Corporation
New England Scrapbook Company
Northwest Hills Dealerships
Pearl Seas Cruises
Pentax Medical
Savings Bank Life Insurance (SBLI)/Vantis Life
SS&C Technologies, Inc.
Walter Surface Technologies
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